Dream Healing

I was always a prolific dreamer even as a child. As an adult I started having prophetic dreams. At one particular stage of my life the dreams turned into nightmares and were often a precursor to the death of someone I loved or of something horrible happening to someone I cared for. Over a period of one year I lost four people that I was close to. I was scared of going to sleep and developed insomnia. My dreams came true so often that my partner also found them unnerving. It was a very difficult and confusing time. I was constantly playing catch up with my grief as each death occurred.

That’s when the blind dreams started. I wasn’t blind in the usual sense. I was blinded by light. The dreams were about normal everyday events like driving a car, going grocery shopping or being at work. Suddenly I would experience a blinding light inside my eyes that forced me to shut them. I would struggle to open my eyes but even when I did manage to force them open for a split second the light was so blinding I would end up on my knees, totally disabled. A feeling of panic would overwhelm me and wake me up. This continued approximately three times a month for two years.

One night I went to bed as usual and had the most amazing dream. At the time we lived in an apartment at Manly Beach overlooking Sydney Harbour. In my dream I got out of bed and flew out of the little stained glass skylight in our bedroom and headed for the harbour.

It was daytime in the dream, a beautiful sunny day. I soared over Sydney Harbour marvelling at how awesome it was to fly and wondering why I’d never done it before. It was so liberating and so much fun. I raced the Manly ferry making its way to Circular Quay and declared myself the winner. Over the Opera House I went, and spiralled around to make the journey back to Manly.

The ocean was so incredibly beautiful, sparkling with light. Then I noticed something that filled me with the most intense fear I have ever experienced. A dark patch in the water, that I somehow knew was pure evil. The fear caused me to falter, I lost my confidence and started to fall. I was scared I would plummet into the malevolence below and get sucked under.

Then I remembered – all I had to do was send light from my eyes into the murky darkness and it would dissolve the evil. Yep, just like a superhero! So that’s what I did, I turned my eyes on high beam, aimed them at the evil and it dissolved. I was so exhilarated I flew all over the harbour looking for more evil to dissolve. When I finished, I flew back into the bedroom through the little stained glass skylight, climbed into bed, checked the time on my nightstand and went back to sleep.

I slept for twelve hours and woke up the next afternoon feeling happy for the first time in a very long time. I’ve never had a blind dream since or a prophetic nightmare and the insomnia disappeared too. In hindsight I probably should have sought grief counselling but it just never occurred to me at the time. Somehow my psyche found a way to heal the nightmares and insomnia anyway.

Healing can come when you least expect it and in a manner that you would never foresee. Don’t give up hope if you are seeking healing, it could be just a dream away!

May all beings be blessed with beautiful dreams!


Photo Credit: Samantha Lynch via Unsplash


17 thoughts on “Dream Healing

    1. The beginning and end of the dream suggests that I was astral travelling but I can’t be certain of that so I call it a dream. Yes, lots of symbology for my analytical mind to play with but in the end analysis wasn’t necessary as the dream itself achieved healing without my analytical help. 🙏

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  1. Wow, how terrifying it must have been for you. I’ve always been a great believer in dreams and their power to inform and heal. I’m glad you found healing with this one.

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  2. Sounds like an awakening of some kind – third eye – psychic ability or whatever. It’s not to be feared, I experienced some very weird visions of my own when it all began, some quite unpleasant, but don’t worry about it, it’s all for the good.

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    1. I concur. Often an encounter with a brilliant white light is the initiatory event that presages awakening. Many who have an awakening of kundalini describe a bright flash of pure blinding white light. Whether awake or in dream, doesn’t matter. I was doing a form of meditation in 2006 when I thought someone was playing a trick on me by turning all the lights at once…except there was no one there. After that, all kinds of inner phenomenon began happening and awakening unfolded quickly.

      I grew up w precognitive dreams, too….births, deaths, and as I got older, world events. Trouble was, I would never know which dream would wind up being precognitive. It sure changed my views about the nature of time and space.

      I think it’s brilliant that you can use this light within in such a creative way for solving your inner challenges. When we can clear up the dark patches, it is so freeing and healing.

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  3. This is a terrific story. Dreams are terrific when you can learn to control what’s going on in them. This takes practice, but once you learn it, you can do anything you wish and nightmares tend to leave you forever because you can always turn them around.

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  4. Dreams – amazing topic. My experience with dreams is, we dream what we cannot live, or experience, directly in 3-D material form. They are a manifestation of the restrained part of our consciousness, that which strains against the limitations we are forced to live under. Most people make peace and satisfy themselves as best they can within the limitations, seeking pleasure, comfort, happiness wherever, or spending time and energy trying to live within such limitations. The dreamers open themselves up to the cosmos and gradually expand their consciousness to observe, experience and accept that which 3-D emphatically says cannot be. By the time a dreamer dies, the transition is longed for. IMO.

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  5. Prophetic dreams. That’s rare. It reminds me of Jacob in the Old Testament. I wonder if you have any Jewish ancestry. I think I might, but I’m not sure. I need to get genetically tested so I’ll know. I would imagine that such things as prophetic dreams run in families as a recessive trait, allowing a look at reality that’s unavailable to most people. Amazing post! Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I do have some Jewish ancestry on the paternal side but I always assumed that the Gypsy ancestry on the maternal side was the source of my prophetic dreams. You’ve given me something to think about! 😊

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  6. This sounds like opening up of the third eye. If only we all can aliven our third eyes, we can build heaven on earth. Dreams consists of the contents we store in our subconscious, and a bit unconscious level, I think. Good luck in your pursuit.

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